worldwide expansion

We improve the lives of people with our outstanding products, and new innovative medicines and health consumer goods are on the way.

SOHO Global Health is built on strong global brands, including some of its natural, most popular and best-known consumer health care products, in the country, such as CURCUMA Plus Group, LAXING, DIAPET, etc.

We create, develop and manufacture a wide range of competitively differentiated products that restore, maintain or improve the health and well-being of our consumers all over the world.

ASEAN Expansion

Besides strengthening partnerships with a focus on domestic distributionn, SOHO Global Health as a top ten Indonesia-based pharmaceutical player which has established a strong foothold in the generics and OTC (Over-the-Counter) space in the local market and is looking to expand and grow its operations to the broader key ASEAN region. Understanding the key growth drivers in the emerging market pharma space within the region, we are aiming to play a key role in it, building on previous experience. Manufactured in international standard facilities using proven scientific methods and proprietary natural plant-based formulas, SOHO Global Health's proven record of compliance and safety will enable the business to compete overseas on quality and efficacy.

SOHO Global Health has been exporting its products internationally since 2006 and its global foothold already extends to other countries including Brunei, Cambodia Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, proving that our brands have potential to infiltrate strong market abroad. Based on market analysis, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia are the priority markets for SOHO Global Health's ASEAN expansion based on the analysis of regulatory hurdles, ease and transparency of distributor relationships, and competition in each country. These are also markets in which improvements in infrastructure and a growing middle class plus projected economic growth suggest that consumption of both prescription and consumer health products will increase. The target is to establish a local presence in the priority countries by the end of 2013 and accelerate sales across ASEAN as of 2015.

  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Mauritius
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Myanmar
  • Nigeria
  • Kamboja
  • Mongolia
  • Suriname
  • Sri Lanka
  • Philippine
  • Pakistan

In order to drive overseas expansion, SOHO Global Health is interested in partnering with reliable and trustworthy local partners in each country, including joint ventures with MNCs. Partners are carefully assessed with regard to abilities, track record and values. SOHO Global Health's demonstrated history of good relationship building with partners including MNC as wekk as its good business conduct and record will stand it in good stead towards initiating such partnerships. In addition, SOHO Global Health will also consider establishing and growing its own infrastructure overseas.

SOHO Global Health has outlined steps for overseas expansion that consist of first identifying the appropriate operational business model and establishing initial infrastructure in the priority countries. This will be followed by the first product registrations, identification and finalization of agreements with potential local partners, and an initial product supported by appropriate marketing efforts.

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