SOHO #BetterU Overview

SOHO #BetterU is a health education program organized by a pharmateutical company, SOHO Global Health. As per its name, SOHO #BetterU has a vision to support a better public health. SOHO #BetterU alligns with SOHO Global Health commitment as a pharmaceutical company thus focus on health education.

July 2014 : SOHO #BetterU World Hepatitis Day
Topic : Facts About Hepatitis

June 2014 : SOHO #BetterU ASEAN Dengue Day
Topic : Beware of Plasma Leakage

Nurlida Fatmukasari dan dr. Leonard

May 2014 : SOHO #BetterU National Elderly Day
Topic : Identify and Overcome Stroke

April 2014 : SOHO #BetterU Kartini Day
Topic : Role of Oxytocin in Labor Induction

Maret 2014 : SOHO #BetterU World Tuberculosis Day
Topic : Tuberculosis, Recognize It and Treat It

dr. Arifin Nawas - SOHO #BetterU World Tuberculosis Day

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