SOHO Global Health has been maintaining its health care business activities since 1951. The SOHO Global Health sees itself as a good corporate citizen in every place in which it is present, and as such aims to help solve social problems.

In roughly 20 different projects, we provide funding and make available our economic and technological know-how, while our employees for their part display tremendous commitment. Such social activities have been a key element of SOHO Global Health's corporate policy for more than a decade, and play an esential role in the company's success.

Health, Safety, Environment
At SOHO Global Health, we are committed to ensuring that our HSE principles are integrated throughout our business units and facilities worldwide. We achieve this through a management system that demonstrates performance.

Valuing Our Employees
We believe that people are multi-talented. People who explore their talents are people who respect and value themselves. People who respect and value themselves are people who respect and value others.

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Mayapada 2 Building, 12th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 27
Jakarta 12920 INDONESIA

Phone   +6221 2985 8888 (Hunting)
Fax       +6221 2985 8866