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SOHO Global Health is committed to creating and developing herbal and natural products that are supported by current up-to-date and proven information.

SOHO Global Health ensures that the safety, efficacy, and manufacturing standards for herbal and natural medicines are followed.

t is time for our esteemed customers to consider herbal and natural medicine as complementary and alternative medicine, based on our tradition and experience which is supported and proven with following proper regulations on safety, quality, and efficacy.

Since many years ago, SOHO Global Health has developed Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, and it has succeeded to be marketed with a wide range of therapeutic indication properties such as : Curcuma® & Curvit® (appetite stimulant), Curcuma® plus Emulsion & Curvit® CL Emulsion® (children’s growth), Curmax® & Curliv® (hepato protector), Curcuma Plus Milk (milk product for children), Curcuma plus Imuns (body immunity).

SOHO Global Health is continuously developing and focusing on other natural products :

Standardized Herbal Medicine

  • Diapet capsule
  • Lelap caplet


  • Imboost, Imboost Force
  • Oste, Oste Forte
  • Matovit, Matovit Fifty, Matovit AX, Matoflam
  • Asthin Force
  • Bonic DS
  • Triboost
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