PT SOHO At a Glance

PT. SOHO Industri Pharmasi, a member of SOHO Global Health, is a highly successful Indonesian pharmaceutical company. We are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Indonesia, and are the fastest growing since 2000.

Our products range fromethical/consumer health/herbal medicine, to other natural products. To date, we havemore than 1500 employees, including a 600-strong Sales field force which manages oursales and marketing activities throughout the country.

Manufacturing licenses have been granted by:

Sanofi Winthrope France
Angelini Francesco Italy

  • Established in 1951, we are one of the top 10 among 200 Indonesian Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • A leading International Independent Market Research company, IMS, reported in its 2000-2006 editions reported that PT SOHO Industri Pharmasi is the fastest growing among the 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers in Indonesia
  • Granted manufacturing Licenses from European Companies, and other countries
  • Manufactures a variety of licensed under licensed branded products in the forms of tablets, caplets, sugar-coated, film-coated, capsules, syrup, injection, cream, gels, solution, suppositories of GMP
  • Employs employing approximately 1500 people, of which more than 600 are sales and marketing personnel.
  • Established a sophisticated marketing database to help our products achieve fast market penetration
  • Dares to be different in how we do business, in order to stand out from the competition. Our endeavours are strongly supported by cohesive coordination among our key functions - R&D, Manufacturing, HR and Finance.
  • Owns a distribution company (PT PARIT PADANG).
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Pharmaceutical Company
A member of the SOHO Group

Jl. Pulo Gadung No. 6
(Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung)
Jakarta 13920 - Indonesia

Phone +6221 460 5550
Fax +6221 460 3111, 461 0474