Based on customer feedback, we continuously develop our value proposition to provide customers with current trends and proven information about the innovativeness of natural, herbal products, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) products. Our goals are to continue developing products for better treatment that bring more benefits to modern medicine

Natural Innovative Products
Herbal and natural products are becoming popular as complementary and alternative medicines worldwide. According to a 2004 update on the health risks of herbal remedies in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, about one third of adults in the developed countries and more than 60% Asians use herbal and natural medicines for health promotion or treatment of various chronic diseases.

Product Development
SOHO Global Health is committed to creating and developing herbal and natural products that are supported by current up-to-date and proven information.

Value Added Sevices
From time to time customers expect to receive the products just in time together with the related data from branches. Therefore PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL develops value added services in meeting customer satisfaction by equipping the salesman with Mobile Tablet.

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