PT. ETHICA was the first company founded by Tan Tjhoen Lim in 1946. At first, the company was named N.V. ETHICA HANDEL MY, but then it was changed to PT. ETHICA Industri Farmasi. It was the first company who produce injectable medicine hence made it as the pioneer for the medicine in the prescription market.

A sister company, PT. SOHO Industri Pharmasi was established in 1951. The name SOHO was taken from SOCIETAS HONORABILIS, a Latin terms meaning society of the honorable people. PT. SOHO produces oral medicine and is the pioneer and trendsetter in the use of natural product in prescription market. In 1996, PT. SOHO entered the over the counter (OTC) market.

Realizing the need to have its own distribution company, PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL was established in 1956. The name Parit Padang, one of the regency in Bangka Island, is the inspiration of the founder of these companies. At present, PPG has 25 branches in Indonesia and acts as the distribution arm of PT. ETHICA and PT. SOHO as well as other principals.

At its early stage, the three companies were run as a traditional sales and bottom-line-oriented business that managed to grow each year despite its lack of a clear strategic direction. They were also run separately without any systematic coordination. There were no structured grow than development plans for employees, so defined career paths and succession plan was basically nonexistent.

Unification Under SOHO Group

All of this changed in 2006 when the second generation, Tan Eng Liang, decided to put all three companies under one umbrella, SOHO Group.

In addition, the company implemented a new system to manage its strategy. The strategy management was conducted using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) that enabled everyone in the company to really understand the company’s objectives and how to achieve these objectives. It enabled everyone to see crystal clear the key focus of the company.

The implementation of the strategy management also resulted in the existence of synergy between companies under SOHO Group which provides a strong foundation for the Group to reach further success. A Hall of Fame award was also received in 2007 for successfully executing the strategy using Balanced Scorecard framework and achieving breakthrough results.

As the companies are getting bigger, the focus shifted from sales to human resources.The Group realizes that people are the best assets and that the success the company is enjoying cannot be materialize without the support of its resources.

The company equipped its human resourc es with the right tools to develop. SOHO Group applies performance management system to measure Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Personal Scorecard (PSC) for everyone within the company. The PDP and PSC consist of goals and activities from each individual that in line with the company's objectives.

Partnerships With Fresenius Kabi

In order to achieve its VISION 2015, SOHO Group is proactively seeking potential business partners for collaboration and mutual benefit. Specifically, the Group is seeking to identify partners that can expand or strenghten its network, improve the quality of its products and services, or contribute new and improved methods of management.

Potential partners will be screened and due diligence conducted. If the fit is right, a business plan will be developed for the partnership, an agreement signed and the SOHO Group organization aligned and adjusted accordingly in due course. In 2013, a groundbreaking joint venture was signed between PT Ethica and a German healthcare company, Fresenius Kabi, which will create the biggest partnership  that has been formed here in Indonesia and arguably on of the largest within the South East Asia region. Our expectation is that the partnership will help SOHO Group grow larger than we could  have on our own, in our quest to become the largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

Specifically, this Joint Venture will focus on our generic portfolio as well as oncology products, standards solutions. IVs and selected others products. The combination of our existing portfolio, pipeline products is expected to help the partnership become one of the largest IV and generics players in the industry.

Corporate Rebrand as SOHO Global Health

In October 2013, the Group launched a new name, namely SOHO Global Health. This name to reflect that SOHO Global Health is a healthcare company that provides products and services, manufacturing, and distribution. Through all of this, we are able to improve the lives of many Indonesian people through improved health and well-being.

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