Why Choose Parit Padang

Established since 1956 and own significant reputation in last 5 years by growing more than 20% every year, had already left behind hundreds other distributors. Managing competition in the future, we are having highly committed in creating breakthrough strategy to run business & in the same time focus our self in ensuring execution properly which bound it in the balance scorecard strategic management. As a foundation of our growth, we continuously expand in technology innovation besides maintain real time on line system and recently is going to equip our representative to use Personal Digital Assistance in providing data & sending order just in time. To meet various principal expectation, PP now intend to assist principal in marketing  especially for promotion, marketing plan preparation & distribution.

Superb Service Distribution in Wide of Channel Range
With wide range of channel coverage, better service, and experience distribution operation, today Parit Padang is of the leading distributor in Indonesia with the most advance in handling both pharmaceutical as well as FMCG worlds...

Leading in Supply Chain Management Implementation
PP Central Logistics reside in strategic location in Pulo Gadung industrial area in Jakarta town, it supported by real time on line computer system and also in each branch so activity of goods transaction as well as stock status in each branches, quantity of stock nationally, it can be monitored easily by Central Logistics as well as by Principals anywhere through PP web facility in internet.

Every product which having Batch Number and Expired Date will be stored in PP inventory system to run First Expired First Out system (FEFO), so that tracking movement of products from Central Warehouse to Branches also to Outlets, it can be monitored easily. To make sure of quality of well guaranteed service, PP has implemented certification of ISO 9001 since 2001.

Delivery from Central Warehouse to branches, it conducted by trucks or airfreight for certain pharmaceutical goods, besides Principal also could directly deliver some of its product to closest location of PP branch for effective delivery cost. By this real time on line system, PP also could do re-allocation products between branches easily to achieve effective distribution.

Furthermore PP also provides Warehouse management service activities in Central Warehouse - Jakarta as Niche Logistics Provider for client who needs one stop logistics solution.

The First Real Time On-Line Pharmaceutical Distribution and Keep Advance in IT
We are the first in industry implementing real time on-line system as our basic solution for database building and management since 1980. Today by doing continues upgrading in IT system using latest information technology we keep advance in IT by applying to all management information system.

Together with Human Resources and Information, IT are our intangible assets that drive forward into future's competition.  

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Jl. Rawa Sumur II Kav. B.B3
Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung
Jakarta 13930 INDONESIA

Phone   +6221 4683 2588 (Hunting)
Fax       +6221 4683 2589