Your Right Partner in Distribution
PARIT PADANG GLOBAL delivers to more than 126,000 retail pharmacies, hospitals, care centers, clinics, modern and traditional outlets across Indonesia. This number will certainly grow in line with promotional activities in the market. We always endeavor to do our best in increasing outlet coverage over time.

PARIT PADANG GLOBAL assists in achieving the goals of our principals by providing timely solutions for the delivery of products and services throughout the country. We do much more than logistics order fulfillment by applying the latest information technology systems, centralized database management, and Customer Relation Management (CRM), to develop customized distribution solutions that meet each principal's needs.

PARIT PADANG GLOBAL endeavors to bring out the best of our principals potential by implementing more zealous communication and promotion strategies to achieve higher product sales, entailing the development of product presentations to hospitals, clinics or health care institutions by our highly skilled Tender Hospital Executives and Product Specialists to increase brand awareness.

Determination to Optimize Distribution Solution
National and Multinational Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Companies are our valued partners in delivering a full range of services contributing to the highest quality of living, and safety of care products for Indonesian customers.

PARIT PADANG GLOBAL has a wide network with 25 branches in Indonesia, hence connecting manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, health care institutions, doctors, nurses, as well as modern and traditional outlets, to serve the needs of our customers all over Indonesia.

The company employs only highly dedicated and committed people with first class customer service to enhance speed, accuracy and safety through the use of an expandable product line and innovative management work flow solution.

Investing in People
In PARIT PADANG GLOBAL we believe everyone has talents and abilities. Our staff are our assets, therefore providing training and sharing management benefits are our investment in them to groom highly dedicated, energetic, competent and professional staff in dealing with constant market fluctuation challenges.

Recruitment and evaluation are the fundamental activities of optimizing staff performance. Our creative sales teams are required to attend a basic training to improve their performance. This includes a special training of the Balanced Scorecard management concept presented by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, founded by the creators of BSC, Robert S. Kaplan and David. P. Norton. This training is attended by employees at managerial level and then cascaded to all levels.

We believe that the Balanced Scorecard is a powerful framework to help organizations rapidly implement strategy to achieve their goals by transforming their vision into a set of operational objectives leading to the highest standards of performance.

Information Technology to Improve Speed and Service Quality
PARIT PADANG GLOBAL implements comprehensive and innovative market information solutions, providing our partners with real-time on-line data of their product sales.

PARIT PADANG GLOBAL uses IFS (Industrial and Financial System), an Enterprise Resource Planning System from Sweden that allows our partners to monitor new product launches, inventory levels, product returns, discount variability, and increases market share by focusing on target markets.

IFS is run on a fully integrated and computerized system with more than 300 interconnected computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to record sales and stock data from all branches. This reduces errors, and increases the levels of management solution throughout the supply chain.

Our centralized database is a reliable data information source, and CRM has also been implemented in our branches. These systems are designed to improve efficiency, reduce cost and better manage resources.

Accomplishment as The Ultimate Goal
Our company only delivers promises that we intend to keep and that applies to our partners and ourselves. In fulfilling those promises, we believe that integrity, dedication, customer focus, discipline and commitment are the basic values bridging employees, principals, partners and customers to accomplish what we promise.

Achieving our principals' goals is our focus and it is important for us to consistently assist them all the way to ensure their success. This can be done by removing any possible barrier in internal and external communication, and applying transparency in management to deal with challenges in the foreseeable future.

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