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We have a wide network with 25 branches, 46 stations, and 27 local partners as sub-distributors to cover the Indonesian market and hence connecting manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, health care institutions, doctors, nurses, as well as modern and traditional outlets, to serve the needs of our customers all over Indonesia.

We deliver to more than 129,000 retail pharmacies, hospitals, care centers, clinics, modern and traditional outlets across Indonesia. This number will certainly grow in line with promotional activities and products in the market. We always endeavor to do our best in increasing outlet coverage over time.

We assist in achieving the goals of our principals by providing timely solutions for the delivery of products and services throughout the country. We do much more than logistics order fulfillment by applying the latest information technology systems, centralized database management, and Customer Relation Management (CRM), to develop customized distribution solutions that meet each principal’s needs.

PARIT PADANG has a central logistics warehouse in Jakarta, and is planning to build an east central warehouse in Surabaya in 2009 to support its sales branches nationwide. In order to meet business needs and competition in the future, we continuously improve our systems to provide up-to-date information of supply chain activities in all branches - anytime and anywhere.

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Jl. Rawa Sumur II Kav. B.B3
Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung
Jakarta 13930 INDONESIA

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