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November 30, 2010
SOHO Global Health Win Indonesian Employer of Choice 2010

(Jakarta-30/11) SOHO Global Health was selected as one company that is a job-seeker's dream based on a survey conducted by HayGroup and SWA Magazine and is entitled to receive the award Employer of Choice 2010. 

The award was presented by Kemal Effendi Gani SWA as the magazine's editor and received directly by Tan Eng Liang as President Commissioner SOHO Global Health. 

According to Herlina Permatasari (Corporate Human Capital Development & Public Affairs Director, SOHO Global Health) that the results of a survey conducted by HayGroup can be used as a picture of what is experienced and felt by every employee and the employee SOHO Global Health, because they get a chance to grow, along with the development SOHO Global Health. 

"The findings of this survey indicate a clear direction from management company to deal with the dynamics of business in an increasingly tight competition." Herlina said. 

Added by Herlina that this award also increasingly foster a shared commitment to making SOHO Global Health as a global corporate group. 

"SGELT (SOHO Global Health Executive Leadership Team) to thank for their dedication, commitment and loyalty to all employees and employee SOHO Global Health wherever they are on their performance during this" said Herlina. 

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