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February 28, 2011
SOHO Global Health : Topping Off Warehouse in Surabaya for Business buzz Early Years in Eastern Indonesia

Surabaya - SOHO Global Health via PT. Parit Padang Global (PPG) as one of its subsidiaries is engaged in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, consumer goods until it has conducted Topping Off ceremony for Warehouse Logistics eastern Indonesia in the Industrial Area Rungkut - Surabaya.

"This topping off is an important momentum which is testament to the commitment and seriousness SOHO Global Health via the PPG in developing business and service in the field of distribution. With this new warehouse distribution services we expect will continue to increase so that the principal can enjoy the excellent service we provide, "said Marcus Pitt (President Director, SOHO Global Health) which was accompanied by Andrew Makmuri (Managing Director of PT. Parit Padang Global). 

The facility is also equipped unit as a representative office in Surabaya PPG and construction is done by a contractor of PT. Nusa Raya Cipta (NRC) Surabaya branch. The location was in the land + 10 160 m2. This step, according to Marcus Pitt, to support the business of PPG as one of the products distribution company - pharmaceutical products, consumer, health care, and its raw materials, with a distribution network of more than 90,000 outlets and customers which consists of pharmacies, hospitals, clinics , drug store, modern markets and traditional markets in Indonesia. Branch Offices and Sales Office PPG, according Marcus Pitt, has had standardization, including architectural concepts, models and functions, as in the company warehouse, infrastructure & facilities, and office. Warehousing companies include large warehouses that are designed for storing pharmaceutical products, consumer, aromatic, cold rooms, and cold chain. 

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