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May 13, 2011
SOHO Global Health Human Resources Investment To Become Global Company

Jakarta, (May 13, 2011) - SOHO Global Health realized the essence of development investment in human resources (HR). Not many companies are continuing to develop human resource development programs. Because for SOHO Global Health, the development of appropriate human resources are key factors for success of the company. 

Herlina Permatasari, Executive Vice President Human Capital Development and Public Affairs SOHO Global Health said the quality of human resources is very important to get attention. Management of human resources development program launched SOHO Global Health human resources development strategy called SUCCESS, which is short for Step Up to Create your Career Excellence for Self and SOHO Global Health 

Strategy is a leadership development program in collaboration with the School of Management PPM. The purpose of this cooperation is to improve the foundation of leadership in the managerial levels to strengthen leadership SOHO Global Health in order to achieve Vision 2015. Herlina added reason cooperation with MTC, because management SOHO Global Health has been conducting research on several colleges in the country who deserve to be a reference for human resource development. 

Options fall into PPM, because it considers the subject matter in dsesuai Leadership Program with the needs. Previous SOHO Global Health has also been collaboration with Palladium Group Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Professor of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia Professor James Sarros. 

Herlina hope that this Leadership program, can take place in a sustainable manner. "We want this to be a follow-up measures of the strength of vision and mission of 2015 as one of the power of the global pharmaceutical industry and leading companies," he explained. 

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