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June 30, 2011
SOHO Global Health achieve the Indonesia Human Capital Study (IHCS) 2011

(JAKARTA, 30/06/2011) A successful re-carved by the SOHO Global Health by winning four awards from the Indonesia Human Capital Study (IHCS) 2011 on the commitment shown in the development of its human capital. IHCS hosted by Dunamis Human Capital in collaboration with the magazine Business Review is a special event that aims to determine the extent of application of human capital in an enterprise system compared with the average company in its industry. IHCS give this award as a tribute and not as a competition. IHCS is also a means of benchmarking for companies who want to apply a similar model, so that he achieved this award means SOHO Global Health can be a company to benchmark for other companies in the application of human capital development. 

The four awards that include Best For The Human Capital Index (Diverse Industry Category). In addition, The Best For Employee Net Promoter Score (Diverse Industry Category), and The Best for All Criteria, and the Best for CEO Commitment. 

There are several companies that won the award mentioned above, but for the award "The Best for All Criteria" is only given to three companies, which in addition to SOHO Global Health, awarded to PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk and PT. Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, Tbk. 

Before the awards were given, was held launching HK2N or National Day Employee Performance, which was followed by figures, leaders, observers of human capital in Indonesia by signing a commitment inscription. 

With the award he achieved, the more membutikan that employees SOHO Global Health considered and appreciated as an important asset in the success of the company because the company is committed to continuing to develop its assets in human capital through real evidence of employee development in SOHO Global Health. 

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