PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL, the first Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Distributor with real-time on-line computer system, was founded by Mr. Tan Tjhoen Lim in 1956. The name taken from a Parit Padang one of the villages on the island of Bangka that inspired the founder of SOHO Global Health to be as distribution companies in the group name of SOHO Global Health.

Under the strong leadership of Mr. Tan Eng Liang, the founder's successor, PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL moved zealously and dynamically to become one of the leading corporations in Indonesia, as stated in its company vision. 

For more than 50 years, PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL has been continuously and consistently distributing well known pharmaceutical products from its sister companies i.e. PT. SOHO Industri Pharmasi and PT Ethica Industri Pharmasi, as well as from other global reputable principals such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Kimberly Clark, etc.

To support its nationwide operations in Indonesia and to sustain its competitiveness, PT. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL upgraded its computer system to become the first pharmaceutical distribution company with real-time on-line computer system in 2000. This enabled its headoffice to set up a centralized database to support day-to-day operations at all its sales branches.

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Jl. Rawa Sumur II Kav. B.B3
Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung
Jakarta 13930 INDONESIA

Phone   +6221 4683 2588 (Hunting)
Fax       +6221 4683 2589