Culture & Values

InĀ PARIT PADANG GLOBAL we believe everyone has talents and abilities. Our staff are our assets, therefore providing training and sharing management benefits are our investment in them to groom highly dedicated, energetic, competent and professional staff in dealing with constant market fluctuation challenges.

Recruitment and evaluation are the fundamental activities of optimizing staff performance. Our creative sales teams are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours training to improve their performance. This includes a special training of the Balanced Scorecard management concept presented by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, founded by the creators of BSC, Robert S. Kaplan and David. P. Norton. This training is attended by employees at managerial level and then cascaded to all levels.

We believe that the Balanced Scorecard is a powerful framework to help organizations rapidly implement strategy to achieve their goals by transforming their vision into a set of operational objectives leading to the highest standards of performance.

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Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung
Jakarta 13930 INDONESIA

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