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August 16, 2011
SOHO Global Health Cooperation with Green Medica for Product Marketing SAMSUNG Medison

Jakarta (16/08) SOHO Global Health ( through one business unit that is SOHO PHARMA Group is focused on selling and marketing of pharmaceutical products by prescription (ethical) products and medical devices again showed its seriousness in the effort to become the market leader national pharmaceutical industry. On occasion this time through one of the companies in the SOHO environment Group, namely PT. Industry ETHICA Pharmasi cooperation with the Green Medica ( to sell, market, & distributes medical equipment products under the brand SAMSUNG Medison ( to market in Indonesia. 

The signing of the cooperation was held in Jakarta (16.8) and was attended by Dr.. Hindrianto Lukas, MBA. (SOHO Global Health Managing Director of Pharma), and Kang Kee Suck (Owner Green Medica). 

SOHO Global Health, said Hindrianto Luke, is seriously working on the medical equipment market with the SAMSUNG brand Medison along with Green Medica SOHO Global Health to maintain its position in the top 4 ranking in the national pharmaceutical industry to improve its ranking further up again by doing the distribution and promotion activities for medical devices ultrasonography (USG) with Medison brand that has been known since 25 years ago and occupying a large number 4 worldwide. Furthermore, since May 1, who had then been acquired by leading electronics manufacturers in the world from Korea that is making its name to Samsung SAMSUNG Medison. 

"SOHO PHARMA Group recorded the highest growth among pharmaceutical companies and business groups in Indonesia which is about 30 percent in the period from 2009 to 2010," said Hindrianto Luke, "and contributes about 40 percent of the SOHO Global Health's overall sales in addition to flying businesses units the other. " 

According Widi Nugroho Sahib (Head of Public Relations - SOHO Global Health) based on information from various sources that the current needs of medical devices such as those manufactured by SAMSUNG Medison for Indonesia is very promising market in line with industry growth of hospitals, clinics and physician practices that began the modern but medical devices mutakhirnya still comes from imports. This, added Widi, one of which also influenced the Presidential Decree number 96 and number 118 of 2000 concerning Investment Negative List which regulate foreign investors can control the ownership of a hospital business to 49 percent, so adding rampant growth of new hospitals in various regions in Indonesia. 

While Green Medica is a company founded in 2010 as a single agent for the import and sales service of products ultrasonography enabled two dimensions, three dimensions, up to 4 Dimensions began categories of entry-level to high-end produced by Samsung in Korea's Medison. The products are marketed in Indonesia such as: ACCUVIX as well as other products such as SONOACE, MYSONO U5, and EKO7 and many others. 

SAMSUNG Medison is a leading producer of technologically advanced medical instrument which is a combination between Samsung Electronics and Medison who pioneered this business in its history since its founding in 1985 and continues to evolve to this day to become the market leader of medical devices-tech 3-D and 4 dimensions. SAMSUNG Electronics is a leading electronics brand in the world that have penetrated the market strategy for medical devices because it has the same base so that the electronics and quality assurance as well as big names SAMSUNG Electronics became one of the main capital for the marketing of products SAMSUNG Medison in Indonesia. 

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