SOHO Business

SOHO Global Health is a trusted, leading pharmaceutical corporation in Asia Pacific region. Our core business activities include manufacturing and distribution.

SOHO Global Health Core Focus

SOHO Global Health has a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the group's market, and is registered in more than 5 countries outside Indonesia, such as Mongolia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Nigeria. Research & Development (R&D) plays a vital role in SOHO Global Health's growth. The division's work fuels the future portfolio of products for the market.

The company's capacity to develop a wide range of products has been expanded further following the new construction of our facilities.

For more than 50 years, SOHO Global Health has been setting the standard for excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution across Asia Pacific.

Quality is a paramount importance of our success. Quality audits are undertaken as well. Our herbal-sourced ingredients, technologies and advanced delivery systems have proven to add value and efficacy to our products.

As SOHO Global Health grows together with Asia Pacific, we continue our commitment to provide industry leadership with services and products that are trustworthy and reliable.

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Mayapada 2 Building, 12th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 27
Jakarta 12920 INDONESIA

Phone   +6221 2985 8888 (Hunting)
Fax       +6221 2985 8866